Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

SOPs are written instructions intended to document how to perform a routine activity. Many companies rely on standard operating procedures to help ensure consistency and quality in their plans, regulation, compliance, and policies SOPs will have a set of written instructions they can refer to when performing the steps of the process ensures everything is done correctly.

When new employees are trained, standard operating procedures help keep their training fresh and serve as important reference tools. Copies of standard operating procedures should be available at the actual location where the work is being done SOPs demonstrate the company's efforts to communicate policy and regulation to employees.

A minimum review list of 3 years is recommended. Changes of the Standard Operating Procedure are activated generally by the process or the procedure changes or the adaptations. These changes should be led by the internal site controlling procedure. A part of the activity list of such changes should be to update the coherent standard operating procedure. Standard operating procedure should be in the place for all high-class systems plus the specific operational activities on the side.

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