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Most of the entrepreneurs in India are busy in taking their company to the next level by approaching more sales and act as driving force for the company’s future. However in the race of the getting clients they leave the company’s control that perhaps may yield to a better company and a better brand in future. Every company is like a child that needs to be nurtured at regular intervals and nurturing happens only through regular reviews of company’s performance.

The monthly reviews will be more important at least to the following extent:

Why monthly reviews are important
What went well in previous month? To Prevent Business Uncertainity Cash Flows
What could have been improved? To Control the Business Direction Collections from Debtors
What are the plans for next month? To Update the original business plan Inventory Planning
What Priorties need to be set for next month? To assess why Profits & Revenues are down Production Planning
Following up on the above To assess Success Measurement Overall Financials


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