Term Loan

Any Term loan is subject to the following:

  1. Healthy Financials
  2. Security (Property)
  3. Company Credit Report
  4. Good Credit Rating
  5. Director’s personal CIBIL Report

Term loans are generally provided as working capital for acquiring income producing assets (machinery, equipment, Inventory) that generate the cash flows for repayment of the loan. Term loan is a medium-term source financed primarily by banks and financial institutions. Such a type of loan is generally used for financing of expansion, diversification and modernization of projects—so this type of financing is also known as project financing. Term loans are repayable in periodic installments.

Sl Feature Advantages Disadvantages
1 Secured Loan Competitive Rate of Interest Obligation
2 Obligation Tax Benefit Risk
3 Interest Negotiable for rates and term Interference
4 Maturity
5 Restrictive Covenants


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